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How do we not know that our own unreason may be better than another's truth?

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Birthdate:Jul 30, 1969
Location:Kansas, United States of America
I am Trish. I am a very old fangirl- I was an original Durannie-doesn't look like I'm ever going to stop.
I'm also a mom, a radical unschooler, a writer, an artist, a dreamer,a bisexual, humanist, witch and also very, very random.

Bandom is my fannish drug of choice- though I have been known to sample the candy from other fandoms as well. I write a little, I read a LOT, and I collect and organize obssesively . Hence the epic delicious account:
I don't have a real OTP-or I have many, many OTP's depending on how you look at it. I love a good story and I am a hardcore writer fangirl. If I get hooked on your writing-chances are you will have me for life!

I'm very friendly and don't bite(at least not on the first date). Most of my entries are public, but I will sometimes share bits of fic in progress, or upload stuff to share with my friends- and those posts are locked, but anybody's welcome- friend at will. You can always unfriend if I bore you- no hard feelings :D
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