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My dad finally lost his battle with Inclusion body myositis yesterday. He has struggled with it for years and we have watched him getting weaker and weaker. For the past year he was unable to walk and he gradually lost his ability to talk or even feed himself- in the end he was fed through a stomach tube and it was getting harder and harder to breathe. He spent a week in ICU on a respirator and though he did get back to breathing on his own , it was then that he and the family decided to sign a no resuscitation order and let him go when his lungs failed him again.

His life has been mostly pain and isolation for at least the past year and I am happy to know that he is free and painless now - but he was my daddy and and damn but I miss him already.

On another note - any of you guys out there who have anxiety problems have any experience taking Buspar/Buspirone? My Dr.put me on it(added to Paxil) but I swear I feel like it's making it worse - and I have been taking it long enough for the therapeutic effect (3 months now)
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So I spent last night in the emergency room -got a migraine that wouldn't break - after about 6 hours I gave up and had Lonnie take me in - but the ER is like a visit to hell itself. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life - the 'beds' are child sized D: and I got this nurse who was nice - but couldn't get the IV started - just kept digging around in my veins - and let me tell you - that HURTS!
She finally called someone else to do it and I got meds - but then I got the bitch nurse from hell -- seriously the rudest meanest person I've ever met. She took it as a personal offense that I had to pee and couldn't walk because I was shaking from the drugs. She basically told me to suck it up and took off leaving me to stagger down the hall by myself.
She practically bit Lonnie's head off for calling her to ask if I could have water because my mouth was so dry- it says right on the wall in huge letters DO NOT EAT OR DRINK without dr's permission!(and apparently I had to have ice chips so he was right to call)

Ugh - and now I have a migraine hangover. If any of you get these complicated migraines ( I get the whole bag - numbness, loss of vision, slurred speech, confusion) you know they can leave you sick and shaky for days afterwards - and there's always the chance of a rebound too - oh just shoot me now :P


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