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I had to go to bed last night before egosumdraco and boywholived were done for the night. When I left , Harry had been dosed with some kind of date rape potion and was rambling on and on about wanting to go out and shag some blue-eyed , brown haired guys :O - and Draco was freaking out because the antidote he gave him wasn't working...

I get up this morning to see how it turned out and TUMBLR IS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, todays lesson: Never go to bed before the roleplay is finished.
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I am not pleased.
My network is gone.
Most of my tags are gone.

Hide your firearms. I am pissed. >.>

sad robot

Sep. 1st, 2011 10:52 am
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SO far I've been so disappointed in BBB wave 2 :(

With a couple of exceptions of course - [ profile] seratonation's robot fic You Stop, I Start is adorable (and I made the mix - one of the most fun I've ever done!)

and [personal profile] turps's It Came From Within is absolutely delicious and full of the best UST I've read in awhile (and beautiful resolution of course >:D)

There is also a Butcher/Sisky werewolf fic that was quite charming.

BUT there's hardly any Panic fic!! D: What little there is is girl fic, or het, or gen. *pouts* I generally hate girl fic - don't mind het or gen at times but come on where is the epic Brallon fic??? How can there be things like this:
and still no epic Brendon/Dallon fic?? Not even one? - or even Brendon/Spencer ? old skool Ryden idc- anything - bandom - I am very dissappointed >:D


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