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Sep. 1st, 2011 10:52 am
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SO far I've been so disappointed in BBB wave 2 :(

With a couple of exceptions of course - [ profile] seratonation's robot fic You Stop, I Start is adorable (and I made the mix - one of the most fun I've ever done!)

and [personal profile] turps's It Came From Within is absolutely delicious and full of the best UST I've read in awhile (and beautiful resolution of course >:D)

There is also a Butcher/Sisky werewolf fic that was quite charming.

BUT there's hardly any Panic fic!! D: What little there is is girl fic, or het, or gen. *pouts* I generally hate girl fic - don't mind het or gen at times but come on where is the epic Brallon fic??? How can there be things like this:
and still no epic Brendon/Dallon fic?? Not even one? - or even Brendon/Spencer ? old skool Ryden idc- anything - bandom - I am very dissappointed >:D
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Oh my gosh you guys! Carly wrote a sequel/companion fic to Laundry Day!!

Tangled Up In Blue (And Thinking of You)

I always said I wanted a follow up with Brendon- but I never got around to it. But now there is one!! Go read it and flail at her for being so amazing ♥
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Bandom loves historical roleplay! Who hasn’’t had the urge to dress Gerard up in Edwardian ruffles, or make Ryan the hippie he truly wishes he was?
Here in no particular order is my list of the sexiest, the most fun, although not necessarily the most historically accurate- after all that’s not the point is it ?

This is by no means exhaustive just a few of the ones I have enjoyed collected for my kink_bingo square "historical roleplay"
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So I'm really NOT a big reader of Pete/Patrick. Really, I'm not. I usually pass right over the pairing on my reading page, and I HATE the cheesy cliche' side pairing they have become in so many "multi-pairing" fics.
But I love FOB, I adore Pete, I worship Patrick, and there are always exceptions- such as "Patricksitting (Call It A Love Song)" by [profile] adellyna which I adore.

So I decided to hit the Pete/Patrick BBB's and apparently I AM a Peterick girl after all- who knew?

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A couple of months ago I betaed this fic for Jamie [profile] stereotypeloser that she had cowritten with [profile] danimpa. That was, as you might expect from the names alone, absolutely brilliant! but Danie had been mia for awhile and we had no idea when Jamie might actually get to confer with her and get the thing posted. :(

Guess what?? It's posted!!!!

Missing In Action
Authors: [profile] stereotypeloser + [profile] danimpa
Rating: R, NC-17; sex, violence, language
Pairing: Brendon/Ryan

The Civil War didn't bring reconciliation and a United States like most everyone would have hoped. Instead, it separated the States in north and south, respectively The Democratic Union Republic of America with New York City as it's capital, and The Confederation of America, centered in Jackson, Missouri.
After the war ended, TCA was left a mess and there were still scattered fights for power until Civil War general Beauregard, most commonly known from the fabled Battle of Shiloh, managed to unite the people under his power. Beauregard was elected King, his descendants were to follow him for as long as the country, now Kingdom, existed, and the name was changed to Beauregia in honor of the man who had 'saved' the people.

Subsequently, the two countries developed in two very different directions. Border strives would break out every so often and war was declared at least twice a century. No one bothered themselves with the fact that the two countries were once one.
Beauregia didn't change much. Their economical foundation was agriculture and cheap labor. Slavery was never banned and the kingdom was ruled under tight, Christian leadership.
DURA on the other hand developed quickly, became based on new technology and democratic ideas. A global country, which housed the UN and was the international center of informative technologies and diplomacy.
Only throughout the twentieth century were the disputes buried and a united front raised through first the World Wars and later on The Cold War. But now, eighteen years after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of communism an international threat, the rift has once again grown deep between the two countries and open war is once more stirring beneath the surface.

The future of both countries is entrusted to two bright young men. Fortunately, nothing is ever as it seems.

When I say it's brilliant- I'm not kidding. It's absolutely EPIC. I was so blown away by this. I wanted so badly to rave about it and share it with everyone and now I finally get to!! Go read it NAO- I cannot recommend it enough!!!
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I know I said I was a little disappointed this year, but even so Big Bang is pretty remarkable. Keep in mind that I've only read about 60 out of well over 100 so there are no doubt still gems to be found. (In fact, while collecting the links for this list - I see a LOT that I still want to read- I've barely cracked the MCR fic)

These are my top picks- on a scale of 1-10 they all scored 8 or higher(the 10's are starred *). There were quite a lot of 5's and 6's which is still an enjoyable read, but IMO just not original or well written enough to rave about- and surprisingly there were several 4 and lower which is just sad.I was very disheartened by the number of fics that had absolutely no plot, just a bunch of band boys(and sometimes girls) thrown into a random situation. I won't name names because I don't want to insult anyone and in the end it's just my opinion and someone else may love the ones I hate O.O (or hate the ones I love for that matter)

(Also- a note to the authors: I apologize for being an awol commenter- I've been reading on various borrowed mobile devices and printouts from the library. I'll try to make it up to ya, I swear ♥ )

But any way, the ones you shouldn't miss IMO, in no particular order: I guess I should cut this :P )
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[ profile] minus_four wrote Eric/Ryan!! FINALLY SOMEBODY IS GETTING WITH THE PROGRAM :D

Tin Gods Left Behind
He’s not even sure Ryan’s listening, even trying to hear him, and it’s Classic Ryan lately; smiling one day and angry the next, seeking comfort one minute then pushing him away, and Eric just can’t keep track. He’s not sure he can do this anymore; constantly try and pull Ryan back, keep him grounded and make sure he’s okay when he’s clearly not and just seems so fixated on losing himself.
Warning: Masochistic!Ryan (so slight s&m, maybe). Tiny bit of breathplay. idk. Stair!sex?

So much win.
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I feel like I have been MIA but well, I am here.
Celebrated my 18th anniversary Tuesday.
Still waiting to get my computer fixed.
Working on BBB art on the s-l-o-w-e-s-t pc alive.

But here, have a meme!! stolen from [personal profile] stepps

"This can be a quick one. Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes."

1.Bridge To Teribithia -Katherine Paterson
2.Flowers From The Storm -Laura Kinsale
3.The Scar -China Mieville
4.Silk -Caitlin R. Kiernan
5.Drawing Blood -Poppy Z. Brite
6.Outlander -Diana Gabaldon
7.The Bell Jar -Sylvia Plath
8.Wuthering Heights -Emily Bronte
9.The Fresco - Sherri S. Tepper
10 The Lathe of Heaven - Ursula K. LeGuin
11.No Exit -Jean-Paul Sartre
12.Geek Love - Katherine Dunn
13.An Episode of Sparrows - Rumer Godden
14.The Night Inside - Nancy Baker
15. Paradise - Toni Morrison

And again-same principle applied to fic!!
1.Wednesday Night Boys
2.Infinite, Sometimes
3.The Sun On Your Face
4.Clearly Aware Of The Stars
5.I Am Lazurus,Come From The Dead
7.Tell Me To Stop
8.Fragile Things
9.The Know-Hows of Delinquency
10.For I Was An Earthly Knight
11.The Fall and Rise Of The Black Parade
12.The Present And The Distance
14. Iron, Neon Lights, and Weed
15. Sea Change
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If you're not hooked on Midnightland yet ( omigod why?? do you hate vampires?-cause that's the only excuse I'll take - and even that's lame :P) now is a good time to start.

The latest addition to the 'verse Bury All Your Secrets In My Skin is up and I swear it's the most beautiful so far! All the layers she's been building into this world come together here. This is Frank's chapter- there is Frank/Gerard, Frank/Mikey, emotional Waycest, and of course Ryan/Gerard and Panic GSF.

from the summary :
Frank really tries to understand the whole Ryan-thing, but really Gerard turning gay for that Ross kid? And when the dreams start he is sure that something is not right.

I don't think I can write a description of this series that would do it justice without spoilers. It's dark and it's beautiful. Ryan Ross is a vampire. He's kind of evil. But everyone (well almost *g*) loves him.- Oh just read it already!

All the Midnight Land stories stand on their own. you don't have to read them in any order. ( Though you might get more out of them if you do, and if your anal like me and want to - I'll list them in order at the end :D) There are no cliff-hangers and each is complete to itself. So even though there may be more in the future (goddess I hope so :D) don't use the excuse that you don't read WIP's (yes I AM looking at you [profile] jadziadrgnrdr!)

Go and read , and spread it around, because unless you guys are all being huge douches and not commenting, then not many people are reading and that is just WRONG. You're missing out.

The list in reading order :D ( most are short, background info , or character development, Midnightland, Won't You Break For Me, and esp, Bury All Your Secrets are the epics )
Midnight Land
Everything starts with ‘there is too much Panic in this town’ and Frank, but it’s not Frank’s fault. Gerard is to blame for this mess he finds himself in, because Gerard’s obsessions are his own. And that Panic kid, that guitar player. That Ross kid.

The Art of Breathing Underwater
Four scenes about how the boys are dealing with Ryan’s vampirism

Black Holes And Revelations( Brent's story)
This is story about how love can't fix everything.

Away From The Sun
Just a conversation between brothers.

Won't You Break For Me
Brendon is on a mission to make Ryan happy and if Ryan needs another vampire to make him happy, well, that’s Brendon’s eternal quest then

Pieces Of Infinity
Gabe is usually fine with William being a vampire, but sometimes he doesn't get William at all. Like with the thing with Ryan.

Spite The Dark
This is a story about how Gabe and William get together. How Gabe tries to find out what William really is, how William isn't sure Gabe can deal with it.

Bury All Your Secrets In My Skin

all by [profile] alles_luege
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From the number of comments, it looks like hardly anyone is reading these. How is that even possible? You guys- this series is AWESOME.

It's the most gorgeous vampire au I have read, NOT 16 Candles verse. It's dark and kind of achey, but also very sexy and somehow uplifting :)

Midnight Land

The Art of Breathing Underwater

Away From The Sun

Won't You Break For Me

Pieces Of Infinity

all by [profile] alles_luege

Go read them and for gods sake leave a comment! Don't be shy! Just tell her you liked it , or that I sent you, anything to let her know you've been there :)

It hurts when you put yourself out there and no one says anything- I speak from experience you guys, you don't want to hurt anyone do you?
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better than yesterday!

My [profile] sosodirty fic is up!!! read it

AND a new Midnightland fic was posted \o/ - a Gabe/William chapter!! ♥
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You guys!!

Morgan wrote Spencer/Ryan! For ME!!!!! GORGEOUS Spencer /Ryan, OMG.
You Took Me By The Hand (And Declared, That Love Prevails Over All)

You don't even know how epic that is!
What did I even do to deserve such friends ? ♥
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The organizers of [profile] sosodirty deserve a Nobel prize! Seriously- there's a Nobel for porn, right? XD
Well dammit , there should be and they should get it!!
If you haven't yet- get your butt over there and start reading!!

Do you need motivation? How about ... Brendon Urie with a Prince Albert! (and I'm not gonna tell you where- you just have to find it :P) or maybe you'd prefer Geeway as a submissive pet? (seriously, read [personal profile] drusillathemad's entry- it's amazing hot.

Go read, and make sure you comment please, for me?
The writers (and artists)deserve it and it only takes a second.
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Every single one of you go read this fic as soon as you can! Yes I mean YOU- and YOU too!! :P It is lonng, 12 parts but I don't care, bookmark it and read it a bit at a time, but READ it.

This is seriously the most beautiful thing I've read in quite awhile,and you guys know how much I read and how much amazing is in this fandom.

Phylogeny by [personal profile] randomepiphany

This is Panic gsf/polyamory. The ultimate EPIC hurt/comfort, but even if h/c is not your usual thing- there is so much more. It is possibly the best fic of polyamory that works, I've ever read. The problems and difficulties of multiple partner relationships are not glossed over, or ignored, or magically fixed with the power of luv. Love heals, but it takes time, and work, and it stumbles along the way.

Past child abuse plays a very significant role- so if that's a trigger for you be warned - but it is handled with tact, and not overly detailed beyond what's vital to the story.

This is also definitely a stoner! fic - Pot is pretty much the fifth partner in this relationship! in a very light hearted and positive way, but if drug-use bothers be warned for that.

I don't want to spoiler it too much more, but I will say it has one of the most beautiful sex scenes I have ever read. anywhere. (If you don't know which one I mean after you've read it - ask me , I'll tell you.)
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I've Only Got Forever by [profile] thewayudoitt
"God, I love you," Spencer breathes, his eyes twinkling as he stares down at Ryan and he's not sure what made him do it, what made him admit to it right now, right this second, in the middle of a tickle-session, in the middle of the night, really, and wow, Spencer's mom still didn't call, what the fuck, and Spencer's brain is kind of fuzzy and, huh, why is his face suddenly really, really hot?

It's short but it is EXACTLY WHY SPYRO IS MY OTP FOREVER. It is breathtakingly lovely, it's sweet, and innocent(until it's not :P) and natural and obvious how they belong together - guh
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Need cheering up? Need to laugh until you pee your pants?

This will do it!!

It's Just A Stupid Ring or How Brendon Baggins Saved Middle Ramen by the always incredible [personal profile] arctic_grey
Lord of the Rings, this is bandom. Bandom, this is Lord of the Rings. I demand that you have a ridiculous, drooling offspring together! Wait! You do? It’s this fic? Whoa, that was fast!

Just in case you didn't see it on your f-list already- have fun!
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At LEAST once a week,in the fic search comms , someone asks for stories that break your heart , that make you cry. So here ...

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[profile] aerogroupie wrote me porn!!! Not just any porn, but Jon/brendon, orgasm denial/chastity device/torture/teasing, with bonus GSF mind-melting porn!! HEE (ILY Morgan!!)

Go read it here:
I Can Feel The Salt On My Skin (I Can See The Smoke Of Desire)
make sure you have a cool drink (and maybe a cigarette ;) nearby!

Day one was like living in Awkwardville. Every time Brendon shifted or moved or did anything he could feel the thing on him. Feel the way the chastity device was squeezing him tight, with a vice-like grip. Making Brendon's eyes shift towards Jon and glare, the man seemingly unaware of the look as he darkly slid an arm around Ryan, leaning close and whispering something in the frail boy's ear. Brendon could feel himself seething, foaming at the mouth even, so jealous and envious, and every other word that meant territorial, when he looked at Jon. The handsome arms, the breathtaking smile, and the slight cock of hips that wasn't feminine as much it was defiant. Making Brendon's mouth water more than it did for the burning amber of liquor, reaching out for a moment's time before snatching the piano fingers back in realization he is suppose to fucking enraged at this very man who tempts him all the same.

And leave a comment! Let her know how awesome she is :D

fic rec

Oct. 25th, 2008 12:35 am
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This is beautiful guys:
Fighting Just to Breathe by [personal profile] miss_begonia

Summary: This is just your average story of yoga, self-actualization and sexual liberation.

“It’s a gift certificate,” Spencer says. “One complete series of classes.”

“Yoga?” Ryan squeaks.

Jon slings an arm around Ryan’s shoulders. “It’s not just regular yoga, dude. It’s dance punk yoga.”

“Yoga,” Ryan repeats.

“You’re going to love it,” Spencer says. “Love it, Ryan. Love it.”

“Dance punk yoga?” Ryan says. His voice cracks. “What does that even mean?”

Make sure you click on the highlighted text as you read, they add a lovely visual dimension to the story.

fic rec!

Oct. 8th, 2008 12:59 pm
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Where We End Up by [profile] panic_smile
Step Brother AU. Ryan’s father can no longer care from him, and he’s made to live with his mother where he’s tossed into an unknown situation, taken under the wing of a tragically dangerous boy, William, and learning about the strain of friendships, the battles of life, and his step-brother, Brendon. About changing, fucking up, and sexual experiences and the attachments that come with it.

This is just beautiful! Squish writes characters with such depth and range. There are no villains, there are only people- dealing the way they can. William is tragically beautiful in this. It's an emotional ride that will tug at your heart, and leave you with hope.
Warning: It's written in 2nd person. Most of you know how I feel about 2nd person, and that I wouldn't rec a fic unless it really transcended that for me. This really did. I forgot all about pov almost immediately. It may have even contributed to sucking me into the story, which is theoretically what 2nd person is supposed to do. So bravo Squish!~
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