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The mods at [community profile] bandombigbang never got around to making a masterlist for this years fics. I got tired of slogging through over 100 entries to find fic for seekers, and I had some time and Semagic (Semagic is my friend :D) So I made one.

This is NOT a rec list. This is a comprehensive list of all this years bigbangs in the order they were posted. I tried to be careful but let me know if I fudged any links.
If the formatting seems all over the place - blame the authors- I just copy/pasted their formatting from their entries :DDD

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So I'm really NOT a big reader of Pete/Patrick. Really, I'm not. I usually pass right over the pairing on my reading page, and I HATE the cheesy cliche' side pairing they have become in so many "multi-pairing" fics.
But I love FOB, I adore Pete, I worship Patrick, and there are always exceptions- such as "Patricksitting (Call It A Love Song)" by [profile] adellyna which I adore.

So I decided to hit the Pete/Patrick BBB's and apparently I AM a Peterick girl after all- who knew?

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I know I said I was a little disappointed this year, but even so Big Bang is pretty remarkable. Keep in mind that I've only read about 60 out of well over 100 so there are no doubt still gems to be found. (In fact, while collecting the links for this list - I see a LOT that I still want to read- I've barely cracked the MCR fic)

These are my top picks- on a scale of 1-10 they all scored 8 or higher(the 10's are starred *). There were quite a lot of 5's and 6's which is still an enjoyable read, but IMO just not original or well written enough to rave about- and surprisingly there were several 4 and lower which is just sad.I was very disheartened by the number of fics that had absolutely no plot, just a bunch of band boys(and sometimes girls) thrown into a random situation. I won't name names because I don't want to insult anyone and in the end it's just my opinion and someone else may love the ones I hate O.O (or hate the ones I love for that matter)

(Also- a note to the authors: I apologize for being an awol commenter- I've been reading on various borrowed mobile devices and printouts from the library. I'll try to make it up to ya, I swear ♥ )

But any way, the ones you shouldn't miss IMO, in no particular order: I guess I should cut this :P )


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