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I am not pleased.
My network is gone.
Most of my tags are gone.

Hide your firearms. I am pissed. >.>

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Date: 2011-09-29 01:05 am (UTC)
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Latest from delicious engineering:
lates from their engineering blog:
We are currently focused on the following known issues:

* Missing Bookmarks: Some users have reported that they are missing bookmarks. Rest assured that your data has been preserved. Yahoo! has delivered a snapshot of all data of opt-in users, and we are running a check against our database tier to identify any import issues that affect availability of bookmarks from the web application. Due to the large volume of data, this process will take a couple of days.

* Firefox/IE Browser Extensions: We are working to resolve an authentication issue for the Firefox Add-On and IE extensions. We expect to have an update later today.

* Chrome Browser Extension: We have an update ready, and will post to the Chrome store as soon as we get credentials from Yahoo.

* Support for special characters in tags: We are working on support for "/" and other special characters in tags. We expect to deploy this fix shortly.

* More links per page: We have seen a lot of requests that we display more links per page.

* Missing Tags/Alpha Tag Sort: We limited visible tags at launch to reduce the risk of a system outage. We did not have an outage, and the system is stable, so we are working now to start exposing full tag lists and associated sorts.

* Tag Subscriptions: We have retained all user tag subscription data, and ned to expose this functionality on the site. Part of this functionality available as a saved search, but we need to improve the UI for this, and add /{username}/tag support.

* Networks: We have all network data, and will are working on rolling this out with our user feeds in the near future.

* Tag Bundles: We have retained all tag bundle data, and are working to expose this for users.


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